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I'm Going back even furthure -Blog 

January 15, 2019

... Back in the 60's and 70's I started to see that things needed to be changed for the future to work out right for everybody. So, when I worked in the ambulance business I saw how really bad it was, still back in the 40's & 50's.

... I started building better [box-type] units, like you see today, that made it possible to give better and safer service. Then I started training young men with "My" own [EMT] program. "I was first".

... Then I set up a new phone system so people could call us easier and I called it [ 911] emergency system. Denver was first!

... I built in an [oxygen-resesitator] and a [Defibulatore] along with baby [enkubator]  for transporting premature babys. I also was the first to use helicopter and fixed wing aircraft to treansport patients in the USA.

I'm Going back about 40 years -  Blog

February 07, 2019

... I 've have drawing and painting most of my life. I have been trying to stay busy making a living in small businesses over the years, most involved design of some sort. One of the first small shops was upholstery. Then I sold custom drapery in the major department stores for years. Then I started customizing vans and did trim and pinstripping for several years. I later started building ambulances along with owning and running several ambulance companies. After that I bought several small blind & shade shops. When the market went down I went back to upholstering.

"its the little things"    those times that we capture.

February 01, 2019

What I like to do is record those special moments in life. That look in your eye when you are thinking about your first love. When I see the wave that breaks on the rocks. The best photo of marilyn. Lightlouse with a real close-up view. Wertern movie star from the past. Real people doing everyday things. I like to record all this stuff for future generations. Someone may discover it in an old frame or box and want to keep it.